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An area on the sea

Won integrally on the sea on the foot of the Rocher, Fontvieille has allowed the Principality to expand and to turn towards the future,with a strongly dedicated neighbourhood for the new technologies and for sports practice.



The Alpilles at the foot of the Rochor

Before 1860,situated on the west of the Rocher,the future neighbourhood was nothing more than a lined creek of a couple of reefs. A couple of years later,its name was inspired by the ancestors of the Princely family.Indeed,the Grimaldi House possesses fields in Fontvieille,commune of the Alpilles linked to the Baux de Provence,of whichthe Sovereign Prince of Monaco has held the title of Marquis...



A birth in three times

The first infilling work began in 1865 for the passage of the railway. Since 1906, a terrace of 5?5 hectares allowed the instillation of the first industrial companies.In 1939,the first Stade Louis-II is inaugurated,the in 1965,the Prince Rainier launches the big work that will bring a rise to the actual Fontvielle



The ambition of the Rainier III

Successor of Louis-II,has grandfather,the Prince Rainier III was the father of the actual Sovereign SAS Prince Albert II,that succeeded him after his decease that occurred in 2005.His rule lasted for 56 years and constructing Fontvieille was one of his major works.



The dantesques works

The last infilling works of the district of Fontvieille lasted from 1966 to 1973.During these seven long years,an extraordinary ballet of trucks has animated the Principality to deposit soil and rocks transported on the front of the sea since hinterland.



Port,buildings,marquee,stadium ...

Building the Fontvieille district has accompanied itself from the creation of the yachting harbour of the same name,yet also of the construction of dominating buildings,of a peace dedicated to the circus arts and above all the new Stade Louis-II.This one was inaugurated in 1985,while his elder of the same name was demolished to leave space for the vast shopping