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An area,a destiny

Divided into 3 geographical zones on the East of the Principality,with the Carré d’Or (Place of the Casino and its surroundings),La Rousse at North and the Larvotto in the South,Monte-Carlo is the largest area of Monaco.From the time that it was developing in 1860,Monte-Carlo hasn’t stopped evolving and progressing under the Cup of the Society of the “Bains de Mer “,which stands by the most prestigious destined monegasques establishments since the over 150 years.



And Charles III reinvented Monaco

Son of Florestan 1st and father of Albert 1st,Charles III of Monaco ruled the Principality for over 33 years,from 1856 to 1889.In 1866,ten years after having inaugurated the first monegasques gaming rooms,he renamed the district of the “Spéluges” on which has just been built a Casino.Its the birth of Monte-Carlo(Mont-Charles),yet above all the advent of a new era for the Principality.



The dream of the Blanc couple

After the first unsuccessful attempts of launching the Casino at then of the 1850s,Charles III called upon François and Marie Blanc that have strongly succeeded in the world of games at Bad Homburg in Germany.The choice is more than judicious because the Blancs will give an incredible scale to the project with the creation of the Casino of Monte-Carlo in 1863 and the Hotel de Paris in 1864



At the forefront of sport

If the world of games has offered a new destiny to the Principality in the last part of the XIX Century,its by sports that Monte-Carlo will develop its reputation across theworld.Organised since 1897,the tennis tournament of Monte-Carlo is one of the oldest sport competitions in the world.Created in 1911,the Rally of Monte-Carlo is elevated competition in the rang of myth in the sport automobile.



Silence we’re filming!

The rise of the cinema during the second part of the XX century has also offered tremendous spotlights in Monte-Carlo and more generally to the Principality.More than 150 movies have been filmed there,including two James Bond ,and Hollywood has even offered a “Princesse at Monaco” for the Princesse Grace,wife of the Prince Rainier III and mother of the actual sovereign HSH Prince Albert II.



Always higher

The development of Monte-Carlo during the end of the XIX Century has trained the creation of the french commune of Beausoleil,such as it was named in 1904 after that the name of Monter-Carlo Superior was considered.Its founder and the first mayor,Camille Blanc,wasn’t other than the son of François and Marie Blanc.From Beausoleil we can admire today the Tour Odeon,highest residential tower of Europe from its height of 170 meters.