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The Condamine

A heart of life

In between the Rocher,Fontvielle and Monte-Carlo,La Condamine is the least known of the districts of Monaco.Its importance is however of major importance for the Principality,partly because of its geographical position that makes it the front door,as commercial vocation that makes it a heart of life,inescapable


The Condamine

An ancestor named Homo Erectus!

Dominating the North of the Condamine,facing the Rocher,the Observation cave has been revealed by the construction work of the Exotic Garden(Jardin Exotique) in 1916.Remains of the homo erectus dating from 400 000 years have been found there!Close to 30 years after the previous ones,excavations are underway in 2016 and should allow new discoveries on the origins of Monaco.


The Condamine

Hercules Monoecus

Only natural harbour in the deep water of the whole Côte d’Azur, the Hercule Port named in honour to one of the major heroes of greek mythology.The one that they then venerated under the name of Hercules Monoecus is therefore also an origin in the name of the Principality,by the intermediate of Phoceans that founded the Monoïkos colony in the VI Century A.D.Until the XIX Century,the Hercule Port the only access of the Principality.


The Condamine

The Digue,the Yacht Club,the year 2000

Over the Centuries,the Hercule Port was able to evolve to become one of the most prestigious Yacht harbour ports of the planet.Its extension was finalised in 2008 by the establishment of the biggest semi-floating sea wall (160,000 Tonnes,352 meters long,28 meters large and 19 meters tall !)Since 2014,the boaters can admire the new Monaco Yacht-Club.The magnificent in a naval form dominates the port at the foot of Monte-Carlo.


The Condamine

Sainte-Dévote,more than a curve

Since 1929,the F1 Grand-Prix of Monaco gives a wonderful spotlight at Monaco.The racing car images crossing Monte-Carlo make every year the Monaco tour,yet it is indeed on the Hercule Port that lies here the heart of the race.The curve of the Sainte-Dévote Cathedral is probably the most famous in the history of F1!Yet,Sainte-Devote is more than that:She is simply the Holy Patroness of the Principality,where her cult remains very present


The Condamine

The Train of liberty

The arrival of the railway at Monaco,150 years ago,was a major engine of theextraordinary economic expansion of the Principality.Of 5 daily trains and 99,000 travellers in 1868,the train station of Monaco now hosts 110 daily trains and over 6 million travellers every year.Its the t busiest place of the Principality